Eder Health Nutrition: a 35-year leader in quality


Nutrition experts agree that using nutritional supplements can make sense. Although they cannot replace a balanced and healthy diet, nutritional supplements prevent possible deficiency symptoms that can occur very quickly in the hectic conditions of everyday work. Certain groups of people, such as athletes, have to pay special attention to levelling their nutrient balance. However, it is important to carefully examine the nutrient content and the origins of ingredients in doing so. Unfortunately, there are still many providers who fail this quality check. Loud marketing campaigns obfuscating the quality of ingredients should give cause for a double-check.

One of the pioneering companies in the nutritional supplement field has consistently committed itself to ensuring the quality of its ingredients over its 35-year history: Eder Health Nutrition is one of the market leaders in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation, and its products are used not only by athletes. Everybody wants to have a balanced diet today, and to consciously nurture and bolster their own health while wasting as little time as possible.

In cooperation with well-known scientists and German universities, an impressive range of innovative products that has revolutionised the sports nutrition sector has been created since the company’s founding in 1983. The entire range now includes over 200 items, all of which are scientifically state-of-the-art and together form a coherent sports nutrition concept. It includes capsules, various ready-to-drink dosage forms, powders and ready-to-eat bars.

Company founder Klaus Eder has an extensive background in sports and performance medicine:

This was made possible above all by company founder Klaus Eder, who had already devoted his attention to biochemical issues while studying for a sports science degree at the University of Freiburg. He acquired extensive expertise primarily by collaborating with Dr. Georg Haralambie, an outstanding and internationally acclaimed expert at the Institute for Sports and Performance Medicine of the University of Freiburg. Together with Haralambie, Klaus Eder published several scientific papers that were ground-breaking at the time.

“As a former competitive athlete in handball and swimming, I knew from personal experience about the need for a sports-specific diet in conjunction with targeted nutritional supplements. Thanks to this combination of experience, expertise and personal commitment, my products became a benchmark in the field of sports nutrition and nutritional supplements,” says Eder about his motivation and success.

The latter is based above all on the strict quality control that every ingredient used in Eder products goes through, and on the understanding of how to beneficially combine the individual ingredients. Klaus Eder vouches for the fact that his sports and nutritional supplements are always based on the most recent findings and constant scientific control: “For our entire product range, we use only the best ingredients that, thanks to their high biocompatibility, can be absorbed by the body near-completely. I have an uncompromising approach in terms of quality and I want to continue providing my long-standing customers with the most efficient, effective and trend-setting products.”

Especially in the interest of clients with a professional sports background, the products’ safety is certified by doping laboratories. They are checked for prohibited substances according to WADA regulations. The certification, which is regularly renewed by expert review, confirms that no substances are being used that are currently on the internationally binding doping lists. For example, an analysis by the German Sports University of Cologne states that substances such as testosterone, which are referred to as anabolic-androgenic steroids, were detected neither in the Mineraldrink light blood orange or in the Aminofit 8000 liquidampoules. “For top athletes, it is important that the nutritional supplements they take are top-quality and not contaminated,” says Prof. Dr. Gollhofer, Director of the Institute of Sports Sciences in Freiburg, “All athletes want to be able to pass the strict doping controls without being falsely suspected of doping due to their nutritional supplements. Eder products have always provided WADA certification, and the composition of their ingredients is regularly updated to meet current regulations.”


Without Eder, there wouldn’t be mineral drinks today:


Another sales classic is the Mineraldrink light, a nutritional supplement especially for athletes, to restore fluids, minerals and vitamins. It was developed in the early 70s, based on many years of sports medicine experience, and is valued and successfully used in the national and international field of elite sports. Eder in fact coined and first introduced the term mineral drink. 

Athletes use it above all to recover their performance capacity after sweating heavily and to shorten the regeneration phase. The hypotonic drink is absorbed by the body even faster than other common isotonic drinks available on the market. Rudi Fritsch, former top-flight handball coach and himself a former athlete, has this to say about the Mineraldrink: “The Eder products are very good, especially thanks to their scientific background. After more than 30 years of using them, I can confirm their benefits for professional athletes without any reservations.” 

Klaus Eder’s professional ethos became a trademark:


Klaus Eder’s professional ethos is admired by many long-time colleagues. Dr. med. Rudolf Ziegler, a sports physician and nutritionist who has known Klaus Eder for over 25 years, says: “Klaus Eder brings only products to the market that meet the high standards of sports medicine and the latest nutritional findings. His commitment to innovative, up-to-date, well biocompatible products made from only the best ingredients results from his own experience and a network of expertise developed over the years. Athletes today are looking for ways to stabilise their health, optimise their diet and avoid illness and injury risks. The Eder product range offers very good products for every area here. The products’ composition according to scientific criteria differs favourably from that of mere marketing products. Certainly, one of the reasons why Eder Health Nutrition has been around for 35 years now.”

Despite its long-standing tradition and reliable product classics, Eder doesn’t neglect innovation. There are always four to five new products in the innovation pipeline, and they are always products that cover areas of current scientific discussions.

With Eder Health Nutrition it is not the packaging that matters, it is the content. The packaging design is focused on information, not dazzle. Thus, the products appear almost a little retro, which has its own charm in a way. Klaus Eder was never interested in fads; however, he has faith in his product and is able to get his message across: Nutritional supplements are a sensible remedy to help improve and level the body’s vitamin and mineral balance, particularly when it comes to stress at work and physical exertion in sports. 

This is also confirmed by Friedrich Reus, a publicly appointed and sworn expert on dietary foods, nutritional supplements and sports nutrition: “There are many ‘old school’ nutritionists who claim that using nutritional supplements is pointless and that, especially in Germany, there is no cause for malnutrition. But this claim doesn’t take into account the latest scientific findings, according to which deficiency symptoms do in fact occur and are even cause for illness. Anyone over the age of 30 should take nutritional supplements unless they safely receive all the minerals and vitamins through their diet.”

Klaus Eder has repeatedly rejected takeover bids, including from food giants. They simply didn’t meet his quality standards. Instead, he has steadily developed and qualified his products. He is regarded in the industry as the incorruptible, the honest guy who has always based his business model on trust. Regardless of fads, Eder products are long-sellers and their content is more important than their packaging or marketing.

The list of reference customers is impressive: both Adler Mannheim and the reigning German champions of ice hockey, Red Bull Munich, football clubs TSG 1899 Hoffenheimand VFB Stuttgart, the German ski association, Spain’s male Davis Cup team as well as Rafael Nadal, and many other top international teams and associations are satisfied users of Eder products. Incidentally, 80% of the products are manufactured in Germany and Belgium, also for ecological reasons. And they are exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the USA and the United Arab Emirates as well as to almost all EU member countries and Russia.