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About Mineral Drink Australia

100 % PURE

Mineral Drink Australia is 100 % Australian owned and operated family business. 

We are passionate about providing the most innovative sports hydration to athletes and health conscious individuals who are on a mission to improve their fitness and sports performance. We are exclusive importer of the premium hydration sports drink, ‘Mineral Drink Light’ for Australia. 

We are proud to deliver the best secret in sport hydration to Australia, being that ‘Mineral Drink Light’ is one of the bestselling sports drinks among professional athletes around the world.  

LOW in carbs

Contains less than ⅓ the amount of sugars than most “well known” sports drinks on the market Low content of carbohydrate avoids disturbances in glucose and insulin concentration, as well as a reduction of the fat metabolism.

17 vitamins and minerals

When we exercise, we do not only lose water, but we also lose minerals that would need to be replaced for optimum performance. Vitamin deficiency for sportsmen means limited capacity, slower regeneration and less effective training.

Electrolyte Replacement

Replacement of water and electrolytes that gets lost when sweating. Our drink is slightly hypotonic for fast fluid replacement during the exercise and any physical exertions.

ENERGY & Performance


Sodium and Phosphate

Sodium retains water in blood thereby prohibiting the loss
of essential and Chloride water reserve, while phosphate is essential for the whole carbohydrate metabolism.


Magnesium is important for many metabolic reactions, especially regarding energy production and protein metabolism during regeneration or building up muscles.


Potassium is important for the energy producing carbohydrate metabolism and for restoring the glycogen during regeneration.


Calcium is very important for female athletes: as deficiency of calcium promotes the danger of hormone dependent bone degradation.


Replacement of water and electrolytes that gets lost is important for athletes when sweating. Mineral Drink Light is slightly ...
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When we exercise, we do not only lose water, but we also lose minerals that would need to be ...
Mineral Drink Light is the best secret in sport hydration with elite athletes. It contains less than ⅓ the ...
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